Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm Home Forever

I'm at my forever home now and just love it. My family consists of 2 human brothers, and a furry cat.

I don't mind the cat, except it follows me around the house and I don't know why.

My dad likes to hunt and is looking forward to the time we can go out and practice together, meanwhile we'll try a few things in the house.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm Looking For You

to bring me to my forever home. Together we can share walks, cuddle on the couch, be companions. I'm anxious to have a place to call home for life.

Cold Weather Fun

Snow doesn't stop Pointers from having fun. Cassandra brings out a bright colored toy from the house and the games begin.

Cassandra has no problem letting Ruby sharing in the fun.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cassandra goes to a temporary foster home

Cassandra has been moved to a temporary foster home in a St. Paul, MN suburb. Here is what her new foster Mom has observed in the first week.

Cassie acts like a young dog, sometimes wanting to chew things (not always dog toys), and likes to play with the tennis ball. She is very curious about many things. She goes into the crate easily, whines only for a few minutes once she is in it, and then settles down. Cassie would love to play with another dog. Ruby (her foster sister) is not interested in doing that. Cassandra comes when whistled for or if I call her name (most of the time). She responds better to the whistle when she is out in the back yard exploring. She rides very well in the car - just curls up in the back seat for the whole ride.

I'm told I am the lovely girl with the doe-eyes

I went to the vet today and got spayed.
I am resting now, thank you.

Watching the furry and feathered critters out the window

There are some out this door, too

Ahh, outside - where the birds are!

A little bright today with the sun on the snow.
Is that my new family over there?
I hear they are looking for me, too!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We are the foster family for Cassandra where she joined us on Sunday from a shelter down in Kansas. She has such a bubbly personality (is said to be around 40 lbs and 3-4 years old, but plays like a puppy), loves to play fetch as well as curl up next to you and take a nap. She is doing well with her recalls, brings the toy right back and drops it when you play fetch (very gentle) and is learning to walk nicely with a gentle leader. So many good smells that she wants to discover when taking a walk.

Cassandra is crate trained and enjoys going into her kennel to eat a bone or just hang out. She has no problems sleeping in her kennel overnight by herself and does not even make a noise. During the day while we are at work she takes well to the kennel and has not messed in the kennel or in the house. Cassndra loves to play and does well with other dogs.

This week she is taking a trip to the vet to ensure she is in good health (ceratinly seems to be healthy!) before she is spayed next week. Cassandra would love to come join your family and would be a wonderful companion!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Introducing Cassandra

Here she is: IBR's new sweetheart Pointer.